Fish Girl

Whoah… It’s been way too long since I posted. But just letting the internet know that I haven’t stopped obsessing on aquatic creatures* I’m posting something even if it’s a horrible WIP. Here’s an elderly woman who is probably blabbing about fish etiquette to a young giant fish girl, who looks like a takoyaki. They are chilling out in a lake with extra-large water lily leaves and some boat casualty. (Yeah, I just realized the scale of things are way off. ) Yey?scribbles 2

Acuatic Creatures*Reference to my comics Mercedita and Perla. Settings include lakes and mythical fishes.

Out of the Shadows

Weapons, armors, rocket launcher and nachos.

museum wa 00-1museum wa 00museum wa-1 museum wa

Last Sunday, Curtin Illustration club went for another excursion at WA Museum’s. We checked out SASR – Out of the Shadow exhibit and had the chance of learning from Ian Coate, an illustrator commissioned by SASR for oil paintings and other visuals. He walked us around the exhibit while he discussed his painting process and shared some of his techniques in illustrating.  The community painting that was being displayed took 2 years of conceptualising and laborious preproduction of talking to soldiers understanding their vision. One technique that he stressed out was inferring details; know what lines to leave and what to ignore;know what is the main focus of your illustration and emphasize using details and colors to direct people’s attention. He said that using Photoshop to test layout and composition save him from making future mistakes before working on canvas.

Great time catching up with the club and eating asian food at Northbridge.

nina perla wip

nina perlaThey look like sisters! :”>


Kyle’s brush

I’ve downloaded some awesome digital water colour brush from! I really liked it so much; it realistically reproduce how water colour behaves. The drawing I did(below) looked almost traditional.

break time


Print Lessons


Today I went to the print shop to get my illustrations done for Ozcomiccon this weekend. I thought I knew enough from 3 years of printing university assignments but it didn’t turn out as easily as I expected.20140327_160019 copySome printing lessons learned:
Always bring my raw files and laptop with me in case I need to brighten up your illustration when printing.
Before going to the print store, always test print at home in small sized to see if your illustration needs more brightness.
Always remember that printing will darken your illustration, especially with thicker paper(100gsm ,200gsm).
Be really nice to printing people and listen to their wise words, your artworks’s fates are in their hand(printers).

Today, I ran around crazy when my artwork  came out of the printer really dark.  Good thing a friend brought their laptop and I could edit my artworks before printing more copies.  May this lesson, I learned the hard way, stay with me forever in my heart, mind and soul.  Bring on OzComicCon 2014! Yay!


I’m moving to

Hey guys! I’ve set up a new blog in in my privately hosted website  It’s coming along nicely with some of my portfolio pieces uploaded for viewing. Currently, I am planning to redirect smalldoodlewithgreatlove blog to my new website’s blog page. Letting go of this blog and starting something all over again is extremely difficult; it’s like going to school really early, then halfway in the road you remember you left your project on the table then had to go back all the way home to get it. It’s frustrating and it’s really scary. Although I would not be taking down this website, I would be redirecting the url to my new website. A really huge thank you for everyone who supported this blog; you are all very special and had been my huge inspiration in my creative pursuit. It’s been a long but happy struggle. Let me just say: The end is only the beginning. I hope to see you all in my new website!


Love at 40

01march2014 kevinjennifer

A few weeks ago, we were lucky to witness a renewal of vows for a  cute couple married for 40 years. I dont really know them personaly but here’s a drawing of them. Cheers for more years of love and life to this couple (and to everyone else). :)




I was trying to finish some commissions that I have been putting off in weeks. And it just felt really happy. Sharing happy thoughts for midnight blues. Sweet dreams everyone. :)

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Mercedita: Drowned Man

drowned man

My most favorite character to ink is this drowned man. What horror and dread have befallen upon this poor soul? Though I wont be able to show you this man’s hell, the culprit is going to take a center stage.Dan-dan-dan–DAAAN! I’m feeling very excited as I ink the final pages of my comic Mercedita. Please be ready for Supanova! *fingerscrossed*

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